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Bridal Henna Designs For Canadian Women

Henna, or Mehndi, is one of the oldest forms of body art known to man, stretching back over 8,000 years and having over 60 countries of origin – ranging from Spain, North Africa, The Mediterranean, The Middle East, and India. Henna is a desert shrub, the leaves of which contain a powerful staining molecule called lawsone. The leaves are dried, ground into a fine powder, and mixed with lemon juice and essential oils to form a paste. When the paste is artfully applied to the skin, the lawsone molecules penetrate the topmost layers resulting in a stain which lasts up to 4 weeks. The color oxidizes over time, beginning with bright orange, then after 2 to 4 days it will develop into a rich reddish brown. The application of henna has for centuries been linked with times of joyous celebrations, leisure, and togetherness.

Henna is most commonly associated with the traditional decoration of an Indian or Middle Eastern bride’s hands and feet for her wedding. More contemporary occasions for henna include birthday and graduation parties, engagements, family reunions, community events and street festivals, and just because! Another occasion is decorating a glorious pregnant belly.

HOW is Henna Designs Applied?

The Process

First the henna paste is applied to clean dry skin.  Allow the paste to dry for 15-20 minutes, being careful not to bump, touch, or smear the paste.  After the paste has dried, it forms a “crust” on the skin.  The longer this crust is left on the skin, the darker the resulting stain.  The optimal time is between 4 to 8 hours.  After this time, the crust can be flaked off, revealing a bright orange stain.  Over the next day or two, the stain will oxidize to a reddish brown.  After 1-4 weeks, the design will fade away, and you’ll have fresh canvas for a new design! There are many henna designers in Canada, if you are looking for the best bridal henna designer in Mississauga, Ontario, then check out Sharmin’s Henna Designs.

Bridal Mehndi Design CanadaWHY DOES IT GO AWAY?

Henna only stains the stratum corneum, the skin cells that are already dead or dying.  As these skin cells slowly exfoliate away, they take the design with them.


Glitter tattoos are a fun alternative to henna for children under the age of 6, or for people who are allergic to citrus or essential oils and can’t have henna. They are applied with a stencil and a medical grade adhesive.  The stencil is placed on the skin, and the adhesive is brushed over the stencil.  The adhesive is then “poufed” with glitter.  When the stencil is removed, you have a beautiful glitter tattoo that will last from 3-7 days.


Bridal Henna Designs

External Hard Drive – You Should Know This

External hard drives have recently become more and more popular among all people, for they are very useful, being able to store amazing amounts of data. And since I am a photographer, you can easily imagine how handy one of these gadgets is for me. Consequently, I started searching for the best external hard drive.

At first, I had no idea what the properties, capacities or features of such a gadget should be, so I did a short research, wandering through shops, fumbling through brochures and leaflets. As for the prices, I must confess they were not exactly accessible…But I finally found one that seems to be what we call the best external hard drive.

The Toshiba Canvio External Hard Drive is suitable for my needs, helping me develop my business both faster and cheaper. Using this drive, you will not need any software. It is enough to connect it to a 2.0 USB and, in less than one minute, the connection will be settled. Moreover, it is absolutely safe, due to the Internal Shock Sensor and also to the Ramp Loading Technology, your drive will be highly protected. And, honestly, I really appreciate this specific feature.
External hard drive India 2017

Why External Hard Drive?

What is more, I noticed that, usually, the warranty for these gadgets does not last for more than two years. Fortunately, if you preserve it in good conditions and pay attention to the indications and advice on the label and in the handbook, there are high chances you can leave the worries aside, for this one has a 3-years warranty. You can now see why I consider it the best external hard drive.

Furthermore, even if it weighs only one pound, due to the spacious storage capacity, the drive can accommodate large digital files. It stores an amazing number of photos in my case, but also documents, music, videos, movies and any data that you need to keep safe. You will also find various slip covers designed especially for this drive. They are recommended because they protect your gadget, prolonging its lifetime.

Advantages of External Hard Drives

Normally while reviewing some of the best external hard drive for Mac brands we say that there’s no external hard drive made by Apple themselves. Well, when it comes to getting a wireless external hard drive for Mac it’s a little different. Apple do actually make one – and it’s actually worth checking out.

If you can’t guess by the name, a wireless external hard drive is the same as a normal external hard drive but the big surprise is – there’s no wires. Up to 50 people can connect to your wireless external hard drive which makes it easy to share files with friends and family.

You can connect the Apple time capsule to your modem on your existing wireless network (the setup guide makes the setup process really easy) or you can set it up on it’s own wireless network. Using a wireless external hard drive for Mac is a little slower transfer times than using a USB one for example, but it’s still easily usable and it’s certainly a lot easier.

It’s nice to have a wireless file deposit everyone can use to share files easily. It also means you can access the files on your external hard drive from your garden or anywhere in your house. You don’t need to worry about constantly plugging it in or it getting misplaced.

Using a wireless external hard drive is a little more expensive than a normal external hard drive. It’s up to you to decide if this is worthwhile or not. If you’d rather use a normal external hard drive for Mac then take a look at our top rated hard drives on the top right of the page. If it’s a wireless external hard drive for Mac you’re sure you want then we suggest the Apple Time Capsule.

It allows you to set access security controls (so you can prevent unknown people connecting to your hard drive). It can automatically handle continuous backups and it can even integrate with your printer allowing wireless access to that as well.

The Best Wireless External Hard Drive for Mac

Now one word of caution before we suggest using this. Be sure you know what you’re getting here. A wireless external hard drive needs to be plugged into the wall so it’s a little less portable than your average drive (like THIS one for example) and they’re generally built to be a little less durable. They’re also more expensive – because you’re paying for the extra wireless feature.

If you have the extra money, you’re OK with it being plugged in and you want the convenience of a wireless external hard drive then this is a decent one to look at. There’s a lot of different brands making wireless hard drives out there but if you’re looking for the best wireless external hard drive for Mac this is probably the one to go for.

External hard drive in India – Features to look for

Portable units used mainly for transporting data or backing up laptops usually have smaller capacities to accommodate the compact size. Heavier than portable drives, desktop devices are perfect for use in offices, homes and other situations where they don’t need to be moved around. Different people need different things from their external storage. Solid-state drives are a newer type of drive. The amount of storage capacity of the external drive really depends upon the needs of the user.

  • Unlike portable hard drives, which use energy from the computer to power their functions, desktop devices generally require their own source of power.
  • If you are only going to copy a few files at a time onto your storage device speed may not be important, but if you are likely to be copying over gigabytes of data in a hurry, speed will be high on your wish list.
  • They are quite fast but also quite costly.
  • People who store large amounts of pictures and videos require a larger storage drive than someone who only stores text files.
  • The speed of a hard drive is in terms of disc rotation speed, or in the case of a solid state drive, how fast it reads data.
  • If you are running out of space on your Mac plug in one of these hard drives to expand the storage of your Mac.
  • Their expense is due, in a large part, to the technology.

If your PC has a USB 3.0 port (or you will be upgrading it any time soon), you might like to buy a faster USB 3.0 drive. Hard disc drive speeds vary between 4000 to 15000 RPM. Even if you have plenty of space you ought to be backing up your Mac, and one of these external storage drives will be perfect for the job. An SSD is purely digital in that there are no moving parts that can break or otherwise become damaged. A single USB 3.0 port will likely have enough power to operate the drive, but keep in mind that you may run into power issues if you ever need to connect the drive to a system that has only USB 2.0 ports. The 7200 RPM hard drive is appropriate for standard hard drive applications and so is commercially very popular. However, not everyone has a good enough home Internet connection for streaming media smoothly. Because of their construction, SSDs are lightweight and more rugged than HDDs.

Choose a drive with at least twice the space required to back up your system software and all your files. Hi-res images, High quality videos, software backups – for this kind of purpose, you’ll want a large amount of memory, but most likely enjoy something portable too. Furthermore, for those of you who do subscribe to streaming services, their limited libraries might be supplemental to the content that you currently have on your hard drives or in disc collections that you eventually want to put on a hard drive. However, under normal use and with proper care, an SSD is not usually required for regular desktop applications. Incremental backup is the most common form of backup and it adds versions of every new and altered file to the main backup set, making it grow over time.

The Run Down on PS4 Hard Drive Revealed

This might or may really not become a deal breaker, but it surely is nice to really have the choice to do this at least. The other significant component within the box may be the wireless controller of the Xbox One. If you’re not confident in your electronics skills then you can only replace the complete power supply.


Refrigerator and Food Thermometers – Uses and Benefits

Freezer burn is the process of dehydration and oxidation of food by air contact. Moisture from food enters air inside the freezer, which causes freezer burn. Freezer burn food is safe to eat, but it has an unpleasant flavor and color. Food inside, especially meat, must be wrapped in plastic, instead of aluminum foil, to avoid dehydration inside the freezer. Select the right moisture vapour-proof freezer and monitor the temperature using a good fridge thermometer.

Healthy ways to use a Fridge/ Freezer

  • A full freezer stays colder for longer time.
  • It also saves energy and electricity bills.
  • Always place raw meats first, and then place the cooked meat above it followed by fruits and vegetables.
  • A freezer with full frozen items after power off will remain safe for 48 hrs. Half-full freezer items should be consumed within 24 hours.
  • Do not put hot food directly into the freezer.
  • Do not open the doors frequently.
  • Within 2 hours after cooking, food must be put inside a fridge.
  • Eggs should be refrigerated to avoid salmonella bacteria infection.
  • If the freezer temperature is 00F, frozen foods remain fresh longer.
  • Chicken can be frozen in package or repackages. (follow the expiry date strictly)

fridge thermometerAbout 48 million people in The United States are affected with illness and fever from bacteria present in food products. Make it a habit to check the temperature once a day and not once in a while. Top shelf near the door is a warm place to keep the thermometer to monitor temperature.   Compared to other brands, Maverick thermometers are highly reliable and energy efficient. It may be true that you are using a good reputable make of fridge. But the current temperature may not be displayed even in such refrigerators. In my honest opinion, fridge or freezer thermometers are an essential part of our kitchen appliances. Food thermometers are now easy to obtain online. It will help you stay healthy and live longer.

Why Use Food Thermometer

The temperature at which different pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed varies, as does the “doneness” temperature for different meat and poultry. Everyone is at risk for food borne illness. When it comes to protecting yourself and your family from food borne illness, one of your most effective tools is the kitchen refrigerator. Advantage: Accurately measures the temperature of relatively thick or deep foods such as beef roasts.Disadvantage: Reads an average temperature of the food around the thermometer from the tip to two inches up the stem (dimpled ring). A bimetal type thermometer should not be used with thin foods. A consumer looking for a visual sign of “doneness” might continue cooking it until it is overcooked and dry.

food thermometer ukThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that every year about 48 million people in the United States become ill from harmful bacteria in food, and, of these, about 3,000 die. In fact, at room temperature, the numbers of bacteria that cause food borne sickness can double every 20 minutes! Quickly measures surface temperatures of food products from a distance; can be used to measure ambient temperatures of food equipment.Disadvantage: Cannot be used to measure and verify internal temperatures of foods e.g., during cooking, hot holding and cold holding. However, a consumer using a food thermometer to check for “doneness” can feel assured the food has reached a safe temperature and is not overcooked. Some people may be at high risk for developing a food borne illness.

Chilling foods to proper temperatures is one of the best ways to slow the growth of these bacteria. Cook all raw beef, pork, lamb and veal steaks, chops, and roasts to a minimum internal temperature of 145°F as measured with a food thermometer before removing meat from the heat source. These include pregnant women and their unborn babies, newborns, young children, older adults, people with weakened immune systems, and individuals with certain chronic illnesses. To ensure that your refrigerator is doing its job, it’s important to keep its temperature at 40 °F or below; the freezer should be at 0 °F. For safety and quality, allow meat to rest for at least three minutes before carving or consuming.

These people should pay extra attention to handling food safely. Since few refrigerator controls show actual temperatures, using an inexpensive freestanding appliance thermometer will allow you to monitor the temperature and adjust the setting of the refrigerator and/or freezer if necessary. For reasons of personal preference,consumers may choose to cook meat to higher temperatures.

Oven Thermometers

A utensil used to check the temperature of the oven so the reading can be compared to the temperature set on the oven dial. There are two types of oven thermometers: one with a dial face and the other with a glass bulb (for safety reasons, the bulb is filled with colored alcohol rather than mercury). We prefer the readability of dial-face thermometers; Cook’s Illustrated also “found that the tinted alcohol used in bulb thermometers can get stuck, compromising accuracy.” In either case, when choosing a thermometer, look for one that’s sturdy and easy to read. While this might not seem like a big deal — you can just adjust the cooking time — you’ll be amazed at how much better your dishes taste when cooked at the right temperature. To be certain, we recommend using an instant-read thermometer, such as the ones made by Taylor Precision Products. With the use of an Oven Thermometer, temperatures can be checked to insure it remains consistent throughout the baking or roasting time.

Oven Thermometer UsesThe Oven Thermometer’s frosted glass back panel allows the light in the back of the oven to shine through, illuminating the large numbers (in both Fahrenheit and Celsius) and making them easy to read. And when it comes to baking, accuracy is everything. Round-dial and digital instant-read thermometers are available from kitchen supply stores and hardware stores and cost from $12 to $20. Oven Thermometers are made for both grills and kitchen ovens, each designed for the purpose of measuring temperatures within each type of oven. The easy-to-use clip lets the Thermometer hang from any oven rack or stand on top of the rack. (more…)

Air Fryers – A Modern Kitchen Appliance of 2016

Air fryers are getting popular owing to its many health benefits. With air fryers it requires very less oil to cook food and you get the same taste of deep frying. Air fryers have been recently launched appliance that uses hot air to cook food. This hot air technology works by circulating super heated air at about 200C to fry your foods such as chicken, potatoes, fish, meat, pastries and many more. Also great thing about air fryers are that the food cooked in it are browned and crisp with a delicious taste.

Why Use Air Fryers

Air fryers are getting to be a really common occurrence in kitchens practically everywhere. These items are so very handy and may also be used to instantly make a wide variety of food, anything you need to fry in oil. For anyone looking to purchase one for their own use, or perhaps as a gift idea, there are some things to bear in mind to ensure that you have what you want and end up with one of the best deep fryers. See if your requirements and the product below are a match. There are two primary factors to consider just before putting down the cash. First, would it be big enough to meet your needs? Next, how simple and easy is it to clean up? The moment you’ve got all of these queries resolved then you could get started in reducing down your own choices.Air Fryers

If you have ever eaten in a fast food restaurant or bought French fries at a food stand, then you must know what a commercial deep fryer is. You may have never tried using one, but today’s fast food culture has made the commercial deep fryer a very familiar sight. A commercial deep fryer is one of those stainless steel gadgets that you see behind fast food counters, churning out your favorite French fries and other fried treats. If you want to buy best air fryers in India, then look for the reviews and user experience. Not all air fryers perform well, go for the branded air fryers like Philips and Panasonic.

Commercial air fryers come in either countertop or floor models. A countertop commercial air fryer works in much the same way as a home deep fryer does, but it is designed to fry more food with a quicker turnover. A floor model is an even bigger type of commercial deep fryer, designed for heavier workloads, with a larger capacity for food and oil. Commercial deep fryers are available in either gas or electric models.

Air Fryers Vs Deep Fryers

Electric countertop deep fryer is durable enough for a small food business, but light and compact enough for home use as well. It has a 1,750-watt heating element, and an easy-to-clean stainless steel body. Its tank can hold up to six liters of oil, and it is able to cook up to 15 lbs of food per hour. This commercial deep fryer is equipped with a temperature control switch, with temperatures ranging from 120 degrees to 375 degrees F. It includes a heavy-duty frying basket and a night cover for added protection during storage.

Model Uses Benefits
The taste of fried food however can cause even the most healthy person to cave
every once in a while and spoil themselves to a heaping helping of their favorite
fried dish The range of temperature can be from 390 degrees to 400 degrees and
has a timer of maximum 30 minutes and 60 minutes This is a very nice
addition and does make it a lot easier In latest air fryer has also digital

At first glance, deep fryers and air fryers seem quite similar. If you are a little conscious about your health and want to enjoy delicious fried food with a delightful taste and crunchy exterior, then you must prefer an air fryer over a deep fryer. While the Air fryer comes with a recipe book, there’s little doubt that cooking fries is its main target. Once I figured out the strengths of the Air fryer, I used it to my chicken-winging advantage. Both give regular food (such as veggies or pieces of meat) a delicious taste and crunchy exterior. An air fryer will help you to enjoy fried food with similar taste and crunchiness level, without using a lot of oil. Frozen ready made fries are recommended, mostly because these already have a light application of oil which means they crisp more effectively than plainly sliced potatoes. After a few days of experimentation, with wet and dry marinades, I tried a simple dry rub of curry powder, kosher salt, garlic powder, cumin, coriander and chili powder. However, the method a deep fryer uses (dunking food into a large amount of hot oil) is much different from that of an air fryer, which coats food with a little bit of oil then blasts it with hot air. With the coming up of fryers, people were able to enjoy traditional fried foods without increasing the risks of health hazards.

You throw them in the basket, switch on the timer to fire up the fryer, give them a quick shake halfway through, and 12 minutes or so you’ve got fries. After 15 minutes in the Airfryer the skin on the wings crackled and popped. If you love traditional fried food, the deep fryer could be your best bet. Air Deep Fryer are considered as the healthiest cooking appliance as they are able to deliver perfect results, i.e. the appropriate amount crunchiness and crispness without using a lot of oil. You can deal with up to 750 grams of food at a time, though the results are better if you don’t totally fill the device. Most of the chicken fat had rendered out, leaving behind crisp skin worthy of a deep fryer. If you’re a bit more health conscious and want to achieve similar results without entirely giving up that distinctive fried taste and texture, an air fryer could be the optimal choice. Many house fires start from grease fires caused by frying food in oil. Because of the fan, it’s also seriously noisy. The Air fryer is a nifty little machine for two people – or more if you don’t mind cooking in batches – just as with a real home deep fryer.

I have tried an air fryer. The popping and exploding oil from the pan can also easily cause burn injuries. In general air fryer has both temperature and time control knob to set up cooking temperature and time. Its footprint is small, and it will sit there on your counter,More importantly, it requires just a tablespoon of oil, whether you want to make fries, grills, bakes, or roasts food. It is very convenient, but if it is the ultimate taste you want (whether it’s fried food or roasted food, health/oil issues aside) then no, it can’t beat deep fat frying or oven roasting. Also, the mess that frying food creates is excessive and hard to clean. It can be vary to different air fryer. There is also a double layer rack included, which helps to maximize the cooking surface. (more…)

Why Fibre Rich Diet Is So Important In Modern Day Life

Fibre is something most people take for granted and know little about. Indeed, a recent Newspoll survey commissioned by Sanitarium Health & Well being showed that while almost all Australians correctly associate fibre with  ‘keeping you regular’, only just over half linked it with the role it plays in helping to prevent cancer and diabetes and around a third were unaware of its connection to cardiovascular disease prevention.

Along with lack of awareness around the health benefits, the survey also revealed that one fifth of us don’t think we’re getting enough fibre. With all of this in mind, it’s clear that we need to be focusing more on this powerful nutrient and the important role it plays in terms of our health and vitality. And that’s where my latest report comes into play.

To highlight the amazing disease-fighting properties of fibre, I developed the Focus on Fibre report which shows that a fibre-rich diet can help:

• immunity
• fight inflammation
• combat obesity
• prevent diabetes
• lower heart disease
• guard against colorectal cancer; and
• boost digestive health

Exciting research from Europe also shows that fibre has direct links with the immune system with a recent animal study identifying fibre as having a protective role against asthma. This is ground breaking and it just goes to show that the while many of the benefits of fibre are well documented there could be a whole raft of other benefits yet to be uncovered.

Getting enough fibre in the diet isn’t actually too hard but to feel the benefits, you need to ensure you’re consuming the three main types of fibre – soluble, insoluble and resistant starch.

Soluble fibre is found in things like oats, barley, rye, grain foods, fruits vegetables nuts and seeds as well as legumes like baked beans, lentils and red kidney beans.

Wholegrains including brown rice, wholemeal bread as well as wholegrain cereals and nuts are fantastic sources of insoluble fibre. These are the “bulking fibres” that are so important for keeping things moving.

Resistant starch can be found in foods such as grains including millet, firm bananas, lentils, soy, pasta and cold cooked potatoes. It resists digestion in the small intestine to reach the bowel where it produces a range of beneficial changes in the colon.